Dr. Pepe Ramnath

Spiritual son of Dr. Myles Munroe, Friday 5 July 7:30pm

ICLC has become a home in which I have received immeasurable love and support. Where the presence of God is so saturated and where the reality of Jesus is made known and experienced.

Shan Rai

I have never felt so connected and important. This place right here, is home. It’s where I prefer to spend most of my time, in the presence of God, serving Him in all that I do.

Stacey Singh

It's so good to grow in ICLC, as a believer or even a non believer.

Menka Kumar

Within the walls ICLC, I found encouragement, love and loyalty from people whom I now call my family.

Sasha Gill

I couldn't imagine a better community of people to do life with.

Dakshay Prakash

A place where there is so much unity. You never feel alone.

Calsey Singh

In this family we celebrate and laugh together, we mourn and comfort together, we encourage and inspire each other to grow in the Lord.

Ashita Singh

Family is what makes all the difference.

Ronald Rao

I've developed lots of new skills and come across more opportunities.

Joy Michaels

By coming here, I have learnt about my Identity in Jesus.

Edleen Ram

The ICLC team are excellent in guidance and support.

Sheenal Prakash

A place where God's presence flows so strongly, your life cannot possibly remain the same after visiting.

Akash Saggar

A place of pure love and acceptance where God’s presence is so evident through each and everyone, no need for a facade. A place I call home.

Farheen Ali

Apart from getting to know Jesus more, at ICLC I find a sense of belonging, friendship, fellowship and love.

Ritesh Kumar

ICLC has been an incredible safe haven for believers and nonbelievers alike. Personally for me it's home. A place of comfort and love. A place where the presence of God flows freely.

Sahil Swamy

I love coming to our church because this is home. Home is full of fun, joy and love!

Jaggie Singh

A place where people find purpose.

Sumeet Padarath

I fell in love with worship and music because of ICLC. It made me find myself and I got the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team and this has definitely drawn me closer to God and given me a desire to know Him more.

Daivik Prakash

ICLC has helped me to step forward.

Andrew Inbaraj

ICLC is the place God used to build my foundation by giving me the opportunity to be part of God’s family, who trains, encourages and disciplines me to be faithful in my walk with God.

Yashu Vijay

ICLC offers a lot of ways to show our talents and it helps us with our gifts. It's all about growth.

Jason Raaj

ICLC has given me a purpose at a young age and has helped me to grow not only in my spiritual life but also as a person. It’s taught me to improve my character.

Dennis Reddy

I find myself very secured at ICLC. I’ve learnt how to live a faith life.

Munesh Goundar

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