For Youth, By Youth

Youth Revival has been designed to help steer and lead youth and young adults (14-25 year olds) into their calling. Through a journey of self-discovery and asking the right questions we want our youth to find their God-given purpose. Our goal is to help them make the right decisions and keep them on the pathway to fulfilling their full potential.

This will be a night where all youth can come together to enjoy a night of fellowship, dance and drama and hear an inspiring message from Joshua Singh! Free dinner will also be provided so you won’t want to miss out!

It’s so much more than just a youth and young adults’ event!

Kids aren’t just kids and teenagers aren’t just teenagers. We are creating a movement. We are raising world-changers. We refuse to settle for a mediocre life when we are able to achieve so much more. The way to do so is through our young people, our sons and our daughters.

Youth Revival allows a safe and supportive environment for young people from all backgrounds to connect with us and more importantly, each other and become inspired to do more and be more.

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