Love demands discipline & training.

Whom the Lord Loves, he corrects, just as one who loves, disciplines.
Likewise, if you love your child, you’ll teach him or her that is built on rules.

Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of a womb, a reward.
We have invested in your children’s future. However, there is a thin line between investment & worry. Jesus encouraged their disciples for not to worry about anything, because every little thing is going to be alright.

The bible says: if you love your child, you’ll discipline them. You’ll do it in love & not anger. Affection, Direction & Correction are keys to nurture your children.
As we, the parents, manifest affection in our children & have directives for them, however, the rule is applicable to the both when it comes to “correction”. “Correction” involves both the child & the parent.

Our job is to make our children happy, and to nurture them to maturity. And, it takes the responsibility of both the parents.
Definitely, it is overwhelming for a single parent. It leaves them exhausted, frustrated & completely worn out, when they strive to be a good parent. A struggle to do everything themselves make it seem impossible.

Hagar in the bible, was in a hopeless situation, when Only God could rescued her.
Remember, the comfort & hope that Jesus offers is not a mirage. He is able to keep promises and He is faithful.
Psalm 145:13 says the Lord is faithful to all His promises & loving to all His people.

Entrusting your life to Christ, you become free & not enslaved to any circumstances.
Likewise, entrust your child to God as they are handling the event that left them with just residential parent. But, they are the promised Children of God & His favourite.

Pray for & with your children. Ask God to work directly in your child’s life. You can’t resolve all the situations that your child might face, but you can convey a rich & bright picture of God and his ways.

For the Lord corrects those He loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights.

By Upma Samanta