ICLC is committed to seeing every person saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving.
This leaflet is for your information. In it you will find some of the Biblical reasons why we worship and do things in the way we do.

Why Do I Have To? What Are My Benefits?

  1. Receive Salvation through Jesus
  • Salvation is by Jesus alone and not through any other name.
  • The original sin of Adam is washed away and our sins forgiven
  • I have citizenship in heaven and my future is secured.
  • Jesus lives in me and makes my heart His home
  • He leads us, guides us and begins to change me.
  • His favour is with me
  • Saved from the judgements of God to come on all the earth
  1. Receive Baptism
  • I choose to publicly declare my acceptance of Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour
  • The body of sin in my life is washed away.
  • I am empowered by God to live a victorious Christian life
  • It is a sacrament of the Church
  • I identify with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection through immersion in the waters
  • My conscience is purged
  1. Attend the Foundational Courses offered by the church
  • It helps me to grow spiritually
  • I gain knowledge of scripture
  • I begin to connect and engage with others
  • My questions are answered
  • I develop skills for speaking and listening in a group which helps me outside
  • I gain confidence through learning new things  
  1. Attend Sunday, Prayer service
  • Connect with others and experience loving others and being loved
  • Learn the Word
  • Refuel my spiritual tank
  • Join other believers in prayer for personal and corporate needs
  • To worship God as Lord and thank Him for His goodness and mercy
  • To experience His presence and be strengthened
  1. Attend Connect Group Meetings and Spiritual discipline of Fasting
  • Exhort one another daily so no one is hardened or feels left out.
  • Experience the love and the Presence of God
  • Through fasting I teach my stomach to be disciplined to obey my will.
  • I am equipped to face life’s battles
  1. Lift up our hands in Worship
  • Praise the Lord or cry for His mercy.
  • Worship Him
  • To surrender and say Lord I am helpless and need help.
  1. Clap my hands at worship
  • My affirmation of victory, joy, and praise.
  • My outward expression of my conviction that I am saved by His love and grace.
  • I should have been punished but Jesus took my place.
  1. Be Committed to a church
  • To grow spiritually
  • Fellowship and connect with other believers who share the same faith
  • Help others who need help with the same help I received
  • Equipped to share the Word
  1. Give tithes and offerings
  • God wants to bless us
  • Obedience to God’s command
  • God wants to use us to be a blessing to others
  1. We have so many Ministries in the Church
  • I can use my gifting and talents to serve God in that area of Ministry
  • I can serve others through that Ministry
  • I can bring others to church be ministered to
  1. Sing and Worship
  • Singing brings joy and happiness
  • I celebrate when i sing
  • It takes my focus off me and onto the one I sing to
  • I am thankful when I sing
  • Keeps demons away
  • Triumph over challenges
  1. Get married in church and cannot be in a live in(de-facto) relationship
  • Marriage is between a man and a woman because God ordained it.
  • God is the centre of a Christian marriage and a witness to it
  • My marriage is blessed and children are blessed
  • I am not under the curse
  • I have an inheritance in the kingdom of God
  • De Facto relationship is not marriage
  • De facto Relationship is Fornication and will not inherit the Kingdom of God
  1. Be a Christian to receive Communion
  • Bread and Wine represent the Body and Blood of Jesus
  • We remember the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf and look for His return
  • Communion is an act of worship unto the Lord
  • Inappropriate worship (eats and drinks unworthily) at Communion has consequences
  • Brings condemnation (weakness and sickness) to those who do not discern the Lord’s Body.
  • It is a sacrament of the Church.
  1. Read Study and Meditate on Scripture
  • Scripture is the Word of God and not of man
  • It is the voice of God speaking to us directly
  • The Word of God is food for our spirit and gives us strength to fight our spiritual battles
  • We use the Word of God as a sword by which we can fight the devil
  • All Scripture is the Operating Manual and provides instructions for living in victory.
  1. Pray
  • The bible commands us to pray without ceasing
  • Prayer is a personal conversation between you and God
  • It builds a relationship with God and you begin to know His heart
  • To thank God for everything. Every good gift comes from Him
  • To know our own hearts that I may change
  • To make our requests known to God and surrender our cares and challenges to Him
  • God hears all prayer. He knows our hearts and our desires but wants us to ask.