Why We Should Be Faithful

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Combined Connect Group Teaching Recorded Live 28th February 2017
Video version available here.

Faithful- dependable,reliable,trustworthy, genuine
Greatest ability is dependability

Why should we be faithful?
1.Being faithful is to be like God.

2.God is faithful in saving us. In helping us in times of trouble. Psalms 33
1 Timothy 1:12
2 Timothy 2:2

3.It guarantees me Gods blessing.
Proverbs 28:20

4.Faithfulness prepares us for leadership role.
Nehemiah 7:2
Mathew 25:45

5.Faithfulness will reward us in heaven.
Mathew 25:14
Work as if you are working for the Lord.

Mathew 5:37


How do i find the character of a faithful person.
1. Right Values. Be wise in your investment, Wordly Works.
Proverbs 28:20

2. Faithful person cares about others
Phillipians 2:20
Faithfulness is a choice.

Faithful person lives a life of integrity in secret.
God sees you in secret.
Daniel 6:4
Everything comes from God. God entrusts one with little first.
Succes comes when we are faithful with little.


Faithful person uses his spiritual gift.
1peter 4:10
Each person has a gift. Develop

How a person manages his money.
Luke 16:11

Faithful person obeys His commands. Obedient

Faithful person Passes on to others what he or she learns, Sharing knowledge.

Am I faithful??