A Leader’s Character

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Hebrews 11:23-27
Lessons from the life of Moses.

4 Questions. Identity.

1. Who am I
We are all unique. God made everything in unique which exists.

S – spiritual gift
H – heart
A – ability
P – personality
E – experience

Ephesians 2:10
God has a plan for us. We need to spend time with God. Read Bible.

2. Resposibility. What will i do with my life?
Hebrews 11:25
“My future is determined by the choices I make”
“Lead first your own emotions”
“Before you choose you need to refuse”
“What you seek is seeking you”

God says ” you didn’t choose me, I chose you”.

“Mark of maturity is when you take responsibility of your spritual life”
“Spritual maturity is a key to true leadership”
“I can’t blame others for my own mistakes”
“Im free to choose my response to life”
Joshua 24:14

3. Priority. What is really most important thing that I must do?
Godly Values: honesty, integrity, loyalty, purity, respectful….. loving…….
Wordly values: hatred, malice, deceit, etc
Hebrews 11:26
1 John 2:16

– God’s priority is more valuable than popularity.
– People are more valuable than pleasures.
– God’s purpose is more valuable than possessions.

“Your value will determine your vision”

4. Difficulty. How much am i willing to commit myself to Gods work?

Meditate: to fill yourself with the Word of God
“The Secret of success is persistence”
“The secret of persistence is vision”

“What you do today has to have an impact to eternity”
Transform life. Minister. Inspire, encourage.

Do you know your identity?
Be like my Husband – Christ.