At one point in my life, I was broken, frustrated, and most of all, disappointed at the Gods. Where were they┬áin my life when my family was falling apart and I was struggling? I went to the mandir multiple times a week and did everything the pandit asked me to. Why wasn’t God helping me?

My whole life, I was an honest, hard working person. So when I came to the point in my life where I lost everything I ever had and cared about, I felt betrayed. What was the point of not eating meat on Tuesdays, donating to the temple, wearing a tikka on my forehead every day of my life?

I began to ask myself questions. What did I do that caused the Gods to look unfavourably upon me? Nothing. But then why was God not helping me then? I had done everything he wanted me to do… Or so I thought.

What I have realised now, is that God does not want my coconut sacrifices, or for me to stay away from certain kinds of foods, or even my money. God wants to help me (and you), bless me, and restore me, and there are no strings attached. He does not gain anything from the sacrifices and worship I was offering before. All he wants, is faith as small as a mustard seed. Just a little bit of faith is all he wants, and he says “see what I can do, I will change your life”.

After I stepped foot in a church for the first time, I realised that I was completely wrong about what a church is my whole life. They did not want me to give them money, and surprisingly, the did not want me to change my religion. In fact, they don’t care about religion at all. All they wanted to do was help me. Without wanting anything in return, they fixed my broken relationship with God, which changed my life.

Please, I urge you to come to life centre if you have any needs that are not being met right now. All they want to do is help you, like they helped me.