Joyful are those … whose hope lies in the Lord their God.

In the middle of the storm you can be anchored by the joy & peace of God. That said, only when you experience His Glory, you can tell.
Jesus being the centre of my life, that stays true in my life. One can imagine it as, Jesus, the core and numerous arrays running back & forth from the core.

At this juncture, with Jesus in the centre, my life does not seem like a mingled yarn anymore. The threads are now spun in a ball. I understand now, that the possibilities to make up life are not limited by past or present.
Reviewing my life once again today reflects that He was walking with me all through when I was completely worn out & shattered. Loss had left me forsaken & destroyed.

But God’s promise, “Never again will my people be shamed”. This scripture is alive in my existence.
To articulate what restoration is like …. It means when I can resist temptation to despair & delve into disappointment. I might have forfeited years, opportunities, finances, relations or may be significant component of my being. However, I remember HIS powerful promise of redemption that, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.”

No one on Earth can make anyone up to you. No one can pay, no one can make things right to make it fair but Jesus can. God can make it up for you if you keep an expectant attitude of faith, and thank Him that His promises are yours.

His Grace is enough. The wonder of His grace that WE are chosen, we are wanted, and God desires us for His family.
Realizing that God is at the end of the deadline, makes it easier to live, absolutely live. I believe with certainty that He is working through the circumstances.
God is at work in all the circumstances in all the situations. Finding that things are rearranged in my life today is surely His hand at work. That’s Christ in me! And HE becomes the Centre of all I have today.

“Making a silk purse out of pig’s ear” …. That’s what Jesus do when He takes residence in someone’s heart. Jesus has a plan for my life, and He also provides the power to fulfil it. All I have to do is to surrender & cooperate completely unto Him.
God can do what I can’t do. Despite how I feel today at any point in time, my problems are not surmountable. Jesus can do what I can’t do.
Only Jesus can make us complete in our incompleteness. Because, Jesus said, “I’ve told you this so that my joy may be in you & that you may be complete.” This can only happen when you have Jesus in the centre of all you have.

By Upma Samanta