ICLC Discipleship Campus of is one of the pillars of the church. At ICLC we are in the process of developing courses to enhance and empower members on a Spiritual journey with our local church. The acronym for GROW that we have adopted is Gaining Real Ongoing Wisdom. Our vision is to establish a strong local church where people become members who are saved and trained for the purpose of serving Jesus and the community

We embrace the vision of the church which is namely Saved, Healed Set-free, Discipled, Equipped, Empowered and Serve. Hence ICLC discipleship campus have developed courses in tandem with the  vision statement of ICLC. We have already catered for the first three vision of the church namely Saved, Healed and Set-free. In due course we will further develop courses to tailor the rest of the vision statement of ICLC.

At ICLC upon being saved,  your spiritual journey for growth and development of  your relationship with Jesus begins. Hence we have handpicked courses that will cater for your  growth. We have facilitators who will step you through courses namely Successful Christian Living,  Cleansing Stream, Bait of Satan, Undercover and “Telling Yourself the Truth”. These courses are accompanied with positive reaffirmation of God’s promises, Work books, Text books and DVDs.

The ICLC discipleship campus is currently conducting the ongoing classes  namely 101, 201 and 301. To spiritually benefit the members these courses are offered after the Sunday Morning Worship Service between 11.00am to 12.15pm.

Courses we offer

101 – Curriculum: Saved

Objective: To learn and understand our new position in Jesus Christ and embracing the Kingdom lifestyle in all areas of Spiritual Discipline.

Prerequisite: New members/believers.
Duration: 10 Sundays for 1 hour.


Born Again.
The bible.
Water Baptism.
The Holy Spirit.
Everyone a witness.
Being part of a local church.

201A – Curriculum: Healed

Objective: Learning how to live in freedom in Christ having being delivered from bondage, regret and hopelessness. Becoming instruments of blessing and fruit-fullness in the family, church and workplace.

Prerequisite: Believers having completed Course 101.
Duration: 5 Sundays for 1 hour per week.


Walking in the Spirit.
Committing everything to God.
Speaking words of Life.
Being cleansed.
Pressing on towards the Goal.

201B – Curriculum: Healed

Objective: To identify the deceptive trap of offences that hinder not only our intimacy and Godly passion but also affect our relationship with our neighbour. To empower you to stay free in the will of God and establish an ever growing personal relationship with God.

Duration: 12 Sundays for 1 hour per week.
Prerequisite: Believers having complete course 101.


The Bait of offence.
How could this happen to me.
My Father My father.
How spiritual vagabonds are born.
Hiding from reality.
The sure foundation.
The rock of offence.
Lest we offend them.
Escaping the trap.

201C – Curriculum: Healed

Objective: Learning how to appreciate different authorities in your life and benefiting the promise of protection under His authority.

Duration: 12 Sundays for 1 hour per week.
Prerequisite: Members who have completed course 101.


Understanding God established authority.
Learning the difference between the biblical submission and obedience.
Discovering the right response to unfair treatment.
Developing a greater level of faith.

301 – Curriculum: Set Free

Objective: Learning to investigate our Denigrating self talk that leads to failure and destruction and rightly replacing our misbelief with the Truth of the Word of God that births life and freedom.

Duration: 12 Sundays for 1 hour per week.
Prerequisite: Members who completed course 101 and course 201.


What is Misbelief.
Misbelief in self talk.
Lack of self-control.
Fear of change.
Misbelief in our relationship with others.